You dream that you are riding a ferry, the dream about ferry indicates that you are enduring changes phases in your life. also means that you setting your new sights, ambitions, and new goals.

If you waiting for a ferry in you dream indicates to unforeseen circumstances that you not planned or expected things may hinder your hopes, your desires and aspirations.


You see a train in your dream, the dream about train represents your life journey, conformity, methodical, orderly and sequential.

If the dream that you miss a train implies that you will missed some opportunities in your life. if you see a freight train it refers to the burdens, problems that you are hauling around, also a train is symbolic of manual labor. if you see or play with toy model train in your dream means you want more control over your life.

The dream that you see someone hit by train implies you on wrong path in your life, in some case this dream meaning you have tendency to do not worry about your work.


You see car in your dream, this dream refers to success, determination, talents, commitment.

If you dream that you are driving means your ambitions, you will successful in life. if your car stolen in dream represents you will fired from your job. loss of career, employment, relationship.

Your car broken or overheating, that means yourself overworked. you are spending too much energy. it time for you to rest.