You dream about hurricane or you are swept up in hurricane in your dream, the hurricane in dream may suggests about sudden unexpected changes occurring on something in your life. you may experience unexpected situation. If you are swept up in your dream indicates you are overwhelmed in your emotions and feeling. also you are pushed by someone to do something.

If you see other people in hurricanes may refers about revenge. the hurricanes in your dream also suggests you are not ready to do or deal with something in your life.


You see maple tree in your dream, the maple tree represents to your inner ability, you need to accept others ideas and enjoy pleasure in your life. maple tree in dream also symbolizes of positive things such happiness, fullness, warmth, humility.

The maple leaf also refers to your senses and also symbolizes of help, assistance, guidance and protection. if you see falling or dying maple tree, that dream indicates to family disharmony and family issues.