You see an envelope in your dream, the envelopes represents to opportunity and chance, also refers to some anticipation and favorable time for something that coming in your life. you may need to test the limits or boundaries of your ability.

If you unopened envelopes in dream that represents to some message that you or someone may trying to convey to you. may about sorrow news, sadness or something that make you missed some opportunities that passed in your life.


You dream that you sending mail to someone indicates to you may got some solution that can solve other people problem. if someone asking you for advice, you could helping them.

If you receive some mail in your dream suggests you are feeling isolated in situation of your current life. it message from your subconscious and intuition or your mind. also the mail may indicates news hope, that meaning you need to create a new relationship or contact with someone.


You dream that you are see or reading a newspaper in your dream, the dream about newspaper refers to important information, news, awareness, understanding, and insight.

If you are reading a newspaper indicates that you are finding knowledge to answers the problem in your mind. you need to pay more attention to finding possible solutions for solving problems in your life.