You dream about wine, the dream that yourself drinking wine symbolizes celebration, companionship, satisfaction, festivity and success in life. the red wine also symbolizes sensuality and excess.

If you breaking wine bottles in your dream indicates overindulgence about your passion and desires. and if you are drinking communion wine in your dream, also represents to your ceremony and some spiritual celebration in your life.


You see a witch in your dream, the dream about witch symbolizes to power, goodness enchantment, and also refers to dangerous female, may represents forces evil and destructive depend on your feeling to witch in your dream.

The witch in dream also represents to you have negative feelings and ideas all things about female in your past experiences in your life, may you are facing so many heartless and dangerous women in your real life.


You see a wolf in your dream, the dream about wolf may represents to pride, survival, aggression, hostility, beauty, solitary nature, mystery and self confidence. the wolf in dream also indicates you can control yourself and keep your composure in variety social and many situations.

The dream that you are killing a wolf indication that you betrayed and your certain secrets will revealed soon. if you are chased by many wolf in your dream, refers to you don’t want to facing negative situations that may impact on your life. also means you need to run away from this problem.

If you see a white wolf in your dream represents victory and valor, also white wolf may indicates to your ability, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel even in your darkest hours, no matter how dire the situation. if you see black wolf in your dream represents about shadow, you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate something in yourself.