You see a vampire in your dream. the dream about vampire symbolizes sensuality, seduction and your emotionally and sexual nature.

The vampire may also represents many things such as fear, death, civility and violence. if you see some people in your real life, they are a vampire may refers to hurtful and violent towards you and your feelings. also consider someone in your life wears these two faces.

If that dream yourself are vampire represents you use everything you have around you to further your own goals.


You see or using a vacuum in your dream, the vacuum refers to your lost control over your life. you will experience missing something in your life situation. may about your feeling and your desires.

The electric vacuum cleaner in your dream also meaning you sucked in your old problem. you just clean up your attitude and need to rid your outdated ideas and old negative thinking out of your mind.


You see a viking in your dream represents that you are feel violated or conflicts, you may face confrontational situation.

The viking also refers to strength and power. if that dream you are a viking represents to your subconscious, you may have chance about taking relationship with someone.


You play a violin in your dream refers to honor, truthfulness, refinement and distinction. you will good recognized for your work as well in your future.

If you hear or see someone play violin, the violin symbolizes to harmony, serenity, peace and calmness in your family life. if you see broken violin in your dream that means you will loss something in your life soon, may about your loved, family and friends.