The teacups also indicate about pastimes in your way that will make problems in your life, or you may facing some bad time and feeling negative in your mind.

If you see teacups or drinking tea in your dream, the dream about tea cups represents to you need or wish more spiritual, enjoy and pleasant in your life.


You see tulips in your dream, the dream about tulips flower represents to beginning time in your life, you may starting something new such work or fresh new project. the tulips in dream symbolic of hope, fertility, charity, thankful, faith, perfection and idealistic love.

The tulips in dream also refers to you feeling great in love life, thankful and favor, you may wish to kiss someone that you loved.


You see tombs in your dream, the dream about tombs represents something about your secret or something that you are trying to hide away from someone in your life.

If you see your own tomb in your dream suggests you need to prepare yourself for explore some part of your personality life, that have long been dormant, may refers to your aspects that you kept hidden or forgotten. if that dream you trapped in a tomb indicates that means you stuck in your old fears and past pain memories in your life.


You see or using a toaster in your dream indicates that you mentally nimble and clever, you are quick thinking and good witter. the toaster in your dream also refers to flow of your ideas and creativity.

The dream about toaster suggests that you are very clever person and creative think, you can be successful in your project.


The dream that you are smoking tobacco represents about your relationships, you need a comfort and calm situation in your life.

If you smoking tobacco in your dream but you don’t smoke in your real life indicates you trying to escape from some problems in your life. if you see tobacco growing that meaning about finance victory, but you will loss in romance.