You see people you know as statues in your dream, the statues means you are lack of communication with someone that you see, also the dream about statues that indicates to your feel and relationship is unyielding, inflexible.

The crying statue also symbolizes about miracle, something that impossible, passion, devotion.

If you see the dream that you are a statue indication that your beliefs and ideals are unrealistic. may about your true self out of touch with reality.

Seat Belt

You are see or wearing a seat belt in your dream, the seat belt indicates that you need to control your emotions and your feelings in some current situation of your life. you may have difficulty to expressing your feelings to other. you must learn and focus more about how to control your bad feelings and negative emotions.

If you can’t putting safety belt or you have some trouble about your seat belt in that dream suggests that you worry about your future life too much. you may fear or concerns about upcoming events.