If you are a maid in dream suggests that you should revitalization and evaluation different some aspects of your life and you need to make some changes to your attitude and your inner feelings.

You see maid in your dream, the dream about maid indicates that you need others people help too much, you need to clear some nurture emotions and idea in your mind.


You see maple tree in your dream, the maple tree represents to your inner ability, you need to accept others ideas and enjoy pleasure in your life. maple tree in dream also symbolizes of positive things such happiness, fullness, warmth, humility.

The maple leaf also refers to your senses and also symbolizes of help, assistance, guidance and protection. if you see falling or dying maple tree, that dream indicates to family disharmony and family issues.


If you see or using microphone in your dream, the microphone represents to your wish, you may need more power and assertive to do something that you desire.

The dream about microphone also suggests you want others to accept your opinions and comments. you may need more stronger and force to make someone known your thinking and ideas.

Musical Instruments

You see musical instruments in your dream, the dream about musical instruments represents your focus, may about pleasures, and enjoying thing in your life. the musical instruments also refers to your ability and some hidden talents to communicate and working with others.

The musical instruments in dream symbol of your sexuality, if you are playing some musical instrument in your life and you are playing it in your dream that may refers to you need to improve your skill and ability technique.