The dream about lollipop represents to your experiences, may refers to some good news or surprises. the lollipop in dream also suggest you need more careful about your decision and choices.

If you lick lollipop in your dream also indicates some situation or aspects of your life, about indulgence, pleasant, sensuality and adventures. you may need to caution about relationship or some situation with someone that take advantage you.

Lava Lamp

You see lava lamp in your dream, the lava lamp represents to your time to do something, slow path in your waking life, may about something in your life have fluid motion, slow moving, caught, repeating similar like lava lamp.

If you are watching lava lamp indicates about your desire, may about guidance, serenity or you may feeling need to search some direction to guild your life.


If you win lottery in this dream, the jackpot lottery prize may suggests that you desires to living life without something to worry such troubles situation and family or financial.

You are playing lottery in dream, the dream about lottery indicates to your destiny, you inner desires may relying on fate. also represent your own decisions that you need to commit in some issue.


You dream about lust, the lust symbolizes to some piece of your life are missing, the dream about lust suggests to you are feeling unfulfilled in something or some aspects of your life. the dream that you are feeling lusting also meaning you need some self control on your urges.

If you are lusting after someone represents you need to elevated yourself worth and esteem.