If you see hammer refers you could confronting issues from your past, especially internal conflict. your determination and drive to pursue goals. you will complete your goals with great success. but you will be careful not too forceful.

You see or using hammer in your dream also represents masculine attitudes, virility, strength, power, construction and growth.


You dream about hurricane or you are swept up in hurricane in your dream, the hurricane in dream may suggests about sudden unexpected changes occurring on something in your life. you may experience unexpected situation. If you are swept up in your dream indicates you are overwhelmed in your emotions and feeling. also you are pushed by someone to do something.

If you see other people in hurricanes may refers about revenge. the hurricanes in your dream also suggests you are not ready to do or deal with something in your life.


You see hamster in your dream, the dream about hamster represents to you feeling, may about some feeling that underdeveloped. hamster also indicates some love or sexuality issues in your life, you distancing yourself from someone that you don’t need getting hurt.

If you see so many hamster in dream, that represents time of your family life or celebrations activity. if you see hamster running on an exercise wheel meaning you need to slower your life, don’t rush and calm down. you see only one hamster in your dream may means about you need some gift for someone.


You dream about the hole represents to messy situation and some hidden aspects in your character, may you feeling hollow or empty inside you. also the dream meaning you need change your mind or discover yourself for new interests and activities.

If you falling into the hole in your dream refers to trap and dangerous situations that you don’t know how to deal with it at this moment. you may feel stuck and can’t run away from it.