You see a frog in your dream, the frog represents unexpected change in your life, may about your family, work, or school. a frog in dream also refers to dirty, transformation, productive, uncleanness, fertility, renewal and rebirth.

If you see a frogs in the grass represents about calm, enjoyable and happiness, you will rewarded on something you working on. also if you are hearing a frog sounds in your dream, may suggests that you haven’t done something what you want. you haven’t reached your ambitions in your life yet.

If you see frogs in low marshy places suggests you will beyond the challenges with help and kindness of everyone around you. the dream that you are catching a frog also indicates that you don’t care about your health.

If you eating a frog or you swallow a whole frog refers about unpleasant task or unsavory work that you need to do or say. if that frog difficult to swallow, a frog in your throat also suggests that you feeling lost your voice or you are unable speak.


You see a fox in your dream, the dream about a fox represents to insight, intelligence, cleverness, ingenuity, and resourceful. the fox also symbolize about lonely time and isolation period in your life.

The dream that you see a fox may indicates you need to exhibit and pay more attention to qualities your instincts and wisdom when dealing and facing with some issues in your life. perhaps you may need to conceal your thoughts and hiding your feeling to protect yourself from issues with anyone in some situation.


You dream that you are riding a ferry, the dream about ferry indicates that you are enduring changes phases in your life. also means that you setting your new sights, ambitions, and new goals.

If you waiting for a ferry in you dream indicates to unforeseen circumstances that you not planned or expected things may hinder your hopes, your desires and aspirations.