Electric Guitar

You see or playing an electric guitar in your dream, the electric guitar refers to your potential, power, energy and strength in your passions. this electric guitar in dream may indicates you are display and clearly feelings or emotions to others people.

The dream about electric guitar also indicates rebellion, revolt and electric guitar may symbolic to youthful.


You see an envelope in your dream, the envelopes represents to opportunity and chance, also refers to some anticipation and favorable time for something that coming in your life. you may need to test the limits or boundaries of your ability.

If you unopened envelopes in dream that represents to some message that you or someone may trying to convey to you. may about sorrow news, sadness or something that make you missed some opportunities that passed in your life.


The dream that you are an eskimo or you live in an igloo, the eskimo in your dream represents to your feeling appears cold and frigid on the outside but you are really warm and caring person. that all sincerity within your mind.

If you see an eskimo in your dream refers that you are well adjust yourself to current situation. also the igloo symbolizes something about female and cold heart.


You dream about an elephant, you see an elephant in your dream indicates you need more patience to anyone around you. you have to practice more patient and understand others people.

The elephant in your dream represents to strength, power, faithful, toughness, intellect, wisdom, an elephant personality in dream may reflecting your own personality.

If you are riding an elephant in a dream indicates that you have to control your subconscious and aspects that fear, you have to overcome something that cause your anxiety.