The dream about diaper symbolizes your child attitudes. you may take care some situation that you create with childish actions. perhaps you need to change your mind, attitude and approach regarding new idea or work project.

You see diaper in your dream also suggests you too reliant people around you. if you are changing diapers in your dream meaning you should improve your demeanor which you action.


You dream about the dusk of day, if you see the dusk of day in your dream that may represents to you are frustrated and crushed ambitions in your life.

The dusk time also refers to you are defeated hopes, surrender, disheartened and you don’t have inspiration. also you have pessimistic perspective and gloom outlook on your endeavors in future.


You dream about doves, a dove in your dream refers to peace, innocence, tranquility, affection, harmony, solitude, balance and purity.

If you see white doves indicates trust, love, camaraderie and friendship. you see doves nest suggests to happy family life and peace. if that dove fly away from you that means someone you love has passed away.